FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Because my forum was used rather seldom, I have stopped it and have replaced it with this FAQ page.

I receive many requests to Swiss manager and chessresult.ru. Here I will publish questions of general interest.

Swiss-Manager FAQ

1 How to import the national ratinglist?

2 Can I upload the games to chessresult.ru?

3 What is to do if a player retires during a round robin tournament?

4 Buchholz-Tie-Break Calculation

5 Entering Results for not paired players in a Single-Swiss System

6 Where can I find the Tie-Break 3 points for win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for loss?

7 On the ranking-list only the first Tie-Break is printed, on the screen all Tie-Breaks are shown.

8 Who is the "creator" of the Swiss-Manager file and where can I see him?

9 Does Swiss manager run on Tablet-PCs, Smart-Phones or MAC?

10 Where can I enter the installation code?

11 Where the language can be set/changed?

12 Problems with Antivirus-programs

13 If Swiss-Manager makes problems (crashes during starting or problems with lists)

14 XML-File Import Example

chessresult.ru FAQ

15 How to generate links to other tournaments?

16 How can the ranking lists of all rounds be enabled in Swiss tournaments?

17 How can tournaments be published on the own homepage?

18 Online registration

19 How to delete a tournament on chessresult.ru?

20 How to download a Swiss-Manager File from chessresult.ru?

21 What to do when tournaments overwrite each other on chessresult.ru?

22 What to do, if the advertising is covered up the lists in the tournament archiv?

23 The tournament upload does not work again, after I have deleted it

24 What you need to know when uploading tournaments (with multiple groups) to chessresult.ru?

25 How do I get a user / password for chessresult.ru?

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